VH / VHOB Double Deflection Supply Grille (screw up type)

Double Deflection Supply Grilles have Frame and blades that are 6063 extruded aluminum alloy with 200-R1 satin anodized finish. The frame has a typical wall thickness of .050″ and is separated from the blades with injection-molded nylon bushings. This method of assembly eliminates corrosion and vibration.

All blades are air foil in design and individually adjustable. Standard blade spacing is 3/4″ on center with 1/2″ or 1″ blade spacing available. At the outer edge of the frame is a specially engineered channel which retains an extruded flexible vinyl gasket that produces a positive air seal.

An optional opposed blade damper is screwdriver operated through the face of the unit, and has extruded mill finish aluminum construction and injection-molded nylon bushings separating the blades from the frame. Also available with optional plaster frame.

Available in clear anodized, white or a variety of custom painted colors.