Terms and Conditions


These Standard Terms and Conditions govern the sale of all standard products, non-standard products, systems and services (“Products”) by Vent Xpress Ltd., and its divisions and subsidiaries (“Vent Xpress Ltd”) and apply notwithstanding any conflicting, contrary or additional terms and conditions in any purchase order or other document or communication(“Purchase Order”) from Buyer.  Submission by Buyer to Vent Xpress Ltd of an order shall constitute Buyer’s acceptance of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may only be waived or modified in a written agreement signed by an authorized representative of Vent Xpress Ltd. Neither Vent Xpress Ltd’s acknowledgment of a purchase order nor Vent Xpress Ltd’s failure to object to conflicting, contrary or additional terms and conditions in a purchase order shall be deemed an acceptance of such terms and conditions or a waiver of the provisions hereof.



All orders are subject to acceptance by Vent Xpress Ltd and are FOB #2 Chootoo Road, South Aranguez, San Juan, Trinidad.  Title shall remain with Vent Xpress Ltd until Buyer makes absolute payment in full for the Products. Vent Xpress Ltd shall use reasonable efforts to initiate shipment and schedule product availability as close as possible to Buyer’s requested dates. Buyer acknowledges that product availability dates provided by Vent Xpress Ltd are estimates only and that Vent Xpress Ltd is not liable for failure to deliver on such dates. Vent Xpress Ltd reserves the right to make products available in installments. Delivery of a quantity less than the quantity specified shall not relieve Buyer of the obligation to accept delivery and pay for the Products delivered. Delay in delivery of one installment shall not entitle Buyer to cancel other installments



Prices shall be as specified by Vent Xpress Ltd and shall be applicable for the period specified in Vent Xpress Ltd’s quote. If no period is specified in a quotation, prices shall be applicable for thirty (30) days. Notwithstanding the foregoing, prices shall be subject to increase in the event of an increase in Vent Xpress Ltd’s costs or other circumstances beyond Vent Xpress Ltd’s reasonable control, and are subject to change without notice. Prices are exclusive of federal, provincial, state, local or any other taxes, charges or levies.



Payment shall be made at the time the order is placed with Vent Xpress. Buyer agrees to pay the entire net amount of each order from Vent Xpress Ltd pursuant to the terms of each such order without offset or deduction.



Inspection and acceptance of the Products shall be Buyer’s responsibility. The Buyer must inspect the merchandise upon receipt, and in the case of electrical items, they will be tested and certified in front of the customer.  The Buyer waives any right to revoke acceptance thereafter. Orders may be cancelled at the customers’ request within 24 hours, subject to a 25% restocking charge.



Buyer assumes all risk and liability for loss or injury in connection with the use of the Products whether used singly or in combination with other substances or Products in any process whatsoever. Any information provided by Vent Xpress Ltd including without restriction technical information sheets and product brochures is based on tests believed to be reliable. However, as actual conditions of use may vary and are beyond the control of Vent Xpress Ltd, a Product’s specified characteristics and any recommendations for use, however communicated, are offered solely for Buyer’s evaluation and must be verified by them.