Seiho PKP SpotPac Aluminum Spot Diffuser Panel

The popular PK Aluminum Spot Diffuser is available in a panel mounted design. Select from two or four PK’s per panel, the Spot Pac model PKP is excellent for spot heating and cooling remote areas. Kitchens, factories, theaters, indoor sports facilities, airport terminals or any place where you need to move conditioned air from an inaccessible place to the work environment is easily handled by the PKP SpotPac.

Panel Sizes: 12″x6″-22″x22″

Construction: SpotDiffuser-Aluminum, SpotPac Plate-Stainless Steel (304)

Finish: SpotDiffuser-Anodized, SpotPac Plate-Brushed



Please contact us for pricing on this product, as pricing may vary substantially based on quantity ordered.


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