Seamless Air Diffusers

Integrate Your Air Outlets Within the Architectural Design

Created for Architects and Interior Designers, our Seamless Air Diffusers and Advanced Architectural Grilles are integrated seamlessly within the interior architecture. Installed directly into drywall or acoustical ceilings, these innovative air outlets give architects creative freedom by eliminating ugly air registers and vents. Specify an Architectural Air Diffuser, and an unobtrusive channel disperses air into the room. The inventive design of our Seamless Air Diffuser with LED Lighting integrates both a discreet air outlet and a light fixture into the ceiling plane!


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Seamless Integration

Installed directly into the ceiling or wall, this new air distribution concept frees the architect from the constraints of designing around traditional, unsightly air vents. With a seamless and flush-mount product, there is virtually no unnecessary visual clutter.


Low Noise Levels

Standard aluminum vents can amplify the vibration and whistle of moving air. Our smart composite material actually absorbs sound, significantly reducing ambient noise levels.


Condensation Reduction

InviAir’s complete line of products are made from an innovative and proprietary composite material, which has shown to drastically improve HVAC system performance. Compared to aluminum, it has a significantly lower response to temperature change, reducing condensation on the diffuser by up to 95%.


Smart Material

Our innovative composite material is moisture resistant, durable, and fire retardant, with an ASTM E84 Class A rating. It is CARB II Compliant. The material on the diffuser’s flat surface can be painted or finished to blend perfectly with gypsum, acoustical, and wood ceilings.



Architects, Interior Designers, and Engineers can meet the needs of individual clients and projects with custom air vent designs. InviAir’s ceiling and wall diffusers are fully customizable — you control the shape, size, slot thickness, and slot angle. Our seamless air diffusers are ideal for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. Our products are the “architect approved” air distribution solution for challenging retrofit projects and historic buildings. Aesthetic-focused spaces in hotels, restaurants, and museums use our custom-made vents to create solutions that help bring the architect’s vision to life. Custom shapes and sizes are our specialty.


One Step Installation

An InviAir diffuser installation can be completed within one trip to the job site – the installer simply attaches the diffuser to the ceiling studs and connects it to the air duct. With our innovative design, drywall compound and mesh tape are all you need to blend the diffuser with the ceiling surface. It’s then painted to match the color of the surrounding ceiling.

Traditional diffusers, grilles, and vents require two trips to the job site– first to connect the duct, and again to install the product after the ceiling is complete. InviAir’s innovative design allows for installation either before or after the drywall is in place. The finished work can be completed by the on-site drywall or paint crew, saving both time and money.



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