Fresh Air Personal

The FreshAir Personal air purifier drops irritants like pollen, dust, and smoke out of your breathing zone, causing them to adhere to nearby surfaces.  This leaves the person with fresher, more breathable air, and with the ozone purification assures a person that they are in the most germ free environment possible.
Whether on an airplane, at the movies, in a restaurant, or simply at home with your pets, a lightweight Fresh Air Personal is a great way to keep the air you breathe fresher and safer.
Build Time:

4 to 6 weeks

Prices charged in US dollars. Other currencies are approximate.

All items to be picked up at the South Aranguez location when notified.


The Fresh Air Personal provides nature’s own powerful cleaning properties with a built-in ionizer that attracts free-roaming particles and captures them, reducing allergens and pollutants that invade the space you breathe.

Features :

  • Removes airborne contaminants and allergens from the air immediately around your body
  • Reduces asthma and allergy symptoms from your personal space
  • Freshens air and removes odors within your breathing zone
  • Can help keep irritating odors and harmful particles out of your personal space while traveling in confined spaces like an airplane or maxi taxi


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