Fresh Air Zone

• This unit blasts out a high level of  ozone purification to be used for applications such as hotel rooms where a quick purification of the air and all surfaces is needed.

• Effectively “sanitizes” a room or area so that a building owner is certain that they are giving the best possible protection to anyone that will be using the room.
The Fresh Air Zone is fully self-contained, portable and lightweight.
Build Time:

4 to 6 weeks

Prices charged in US dollars. Other currencies are approximate.

All items to be picked up at the South Aranguez location when notified.


The Fresh Air Zone is a fully self-contained, portable, lightweight powerful ozone generator built for remediation and maintenance where undesirable odors and smoke are persistent or need to be controlled.

Fresh Air Zone contains advanced technology to make breathing easier, cleaner and healthier. This convenient, portable unit provides the cleanest, freshest air possible within small, low ventilated areas.

  • Self-contained, portable, light-weight ozone generator
  • Adjustable ozone output control pollutants
  • Rugged, brushed aluminum case with carrying handle
  • Low maintenance
  • Intended only for use in unoccupied spaces


  • Removal of odors, visible smoke and microbials on surfaces in residential, light industrial, or commercial applications
  • Ideal for removal of light to moderate chemical and pet odors
    • Hotels or guest houses would put this unit in the room when they work on other areas, and then come back and move this to the next room and complete their conventional-cleaning of that room
    • Can be used in cold rooms, meat lockers, grocery stores, car dealerships, car rental agencies or any application where very effective and high power air cleaning is needed


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